Ohio Medical Cannabis: where’s it from, how does it make it to a dispensary & is it safe?

Are you curious about the Ohio medical marijuana (MMJ) industry and all the moving parts within it? There are 5 key players in the MMJ industry including the doctors, cultivators, processing facilities, testing labs, and dispensaries. They are all working in a combined effort to help the patients of Ohio receive quality and effective medicine. […]

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Cleveland, we are ready for you!

Now Seeing Patients in Cleveland There’s been an overwhelming amount of requests by the patient community in the greater Cleveland area since November of last year.  We’re thrilled to have opened last Monday, June 10th as we began seeing patients from our Northeast Ohio location situated in Middleburg Heights. The new Ohio Green Team clinic […]

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Dispensaries are now OPEN

We’re officially here, the day has arrived!  Delay after delay, missed deadline after missed deadline, the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program crossed a monumental milestone of opening a few dispensaries!  And it’s about damn time. Patient emotions tempered between angst, annoyance and excitement over the last couple months but now the future is trending in positive […]

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Kill The Stigma: Get Well Not High

“Marijuana: It won’t kill you….Unless a bale of it falls on you” – Willie Nelson I’m writing this blog from the front lines. The front lines of a Cannabis Clinic in Columbus, Ohio (Ohio Green Team) where on a daily basis we meet somewhere between 5-20 medical cannabis patients, applicants, their families and loved ones. […]

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Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana is complete green-field (pun intended :)) territory for the state of Ohio and many of our residents.  There’s several misconceptions, misunderstandings and flat out myths about this awesome, all-natural plant. There’s been thorough research and deep studies to uncover the true benefits of medical marijuana.  What’s more, state after state has been legalizing […]

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